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Split LP

by Ottawa/Jihad

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The noose around the masses neck, in the form of a white collar. Conditioned from birth to succumb to tradition. People convinced that they need this fix. What are you pushing? Why must we suffer and die for their lies? The way it is and forever shall be. The image of the cross is now burnt into my eyes, so I’ll never forget who my god is. For 2000 years, Christianity has tightened its grip upon the human spirit. From the Crusades, to the Inquisition, to today’s Pro-life movement they’ve created a holocaust—for which they show no remorse. Millions writhe in crucifixion, blindly searching for heaven’s reprise. Chastity and self-repression, for His love and His glory was all must die. Holy of Holies, you’ve bought and sold me. Holy of Holies, a need to create hallowedgrounded lies. Endless devotion and unending sacrifice, for His sins we are crucified.
Gentrification, buries the squalor, assimilation creates their soldiers, intimidation keeps us silent, pacification. A system created out of unequal balances, keeps the wealthy enthroned. The rungs have been cut on the social ladder, and you’ll never realize you’re knee deep in shit. Indoctrination is chartered by governments. Glassed over eyes, you’re fucking idiots. Watch as your life is reduced to pile of shit, as you lie down and roll in it.
In lieu of the segregation directed from the chairs of the multinationals, here’s their ploy: corporate genocide, keeping people less than people. Watched through greed-filled eyes, the hand that powers is the hand that falters. Bred to be consumed, mass production for our families. Our impending doom, trapped in cogs—forever rotating.
Shun, bruise, antagonize. Attempts to desensitize. Take your feelings, grind them down. Lose your conscience; it is no use to you now. You’ll be a man; so demand respect. For these sacred rites; you’ll fight to death. Thoughts, actions so tightly controlled, as all of your emotions are put on hold. A thinly veiled life of fear. Shed so much blood, but never a tear.
You’ve got millions of reasons to disbelieve this failing farce. What will it take for you to stop it? Blindly clutching on for life, they’ll drag you under despite the homage and loyalty you’ve paid them. You’ll still amount to nothing. Ground under authority’s foot, and business carries on as usual.
Lock up your children, the end is nigh, for it is the onslaught of the Uruk-hai!
You have the power, hidden behind armor. Through our inaction, your crimes are validated. Their power is derived through fear and intimidation, for if one were to experience real freedom they could relate to you that this is a lie. Fuck your police state. Can’t you understand what they are saying? They own you.
The work machine is thriving. A million lives it is destroying. Human identity is non-existent, be willing and accept your number. In the machine your life is consumed, you are not you any longer.
Your conditioning—no excuse. Your bigotry—is foolishness. Your brutality—is unjustified. Homophobe—fuck off and die. Death to your fucking biblical morals. It is asinine to enforce gender roles. It is amazing you claim “It’s a free country!” We’ve had enough of you sanctimonious assholes.
How can you bruise a mind so young? A victim of your dedication. Images that will always live on, this is not beneficial. You promise yourself authority and control, a final link in her education. Is that your love? A fist coming down? Father why? is the final sound. You’ve used her body to vent your inequality and anger. It is hard to believe that you still call her daughter. You’ve turned on her because you know you can win. When will it stop? When will it end? What will it take to stop you next time? There is no resistance, she is only five. You look at her lovingly, now keep this quiet. This is between you and me, now keep this silent. And this is what you’ve taught through your methods, to hate her father for the rest of her life. And what is that you say, when she refuses your advances? You’ll beat her to a pulp, she’ll learn what respect is. She will learn nothing while living in fear, except to mistrust what she held dear.
Name was given to me, morals force fed to me, line was assigned to me, bigotry’s cancer bred in me. To be used to carry out your crimes. To be forced to suffer your affliction. Society’s job is to make us feel worthless, to hollow us out to an eggshell existence. We must reclaim our minds and our lives. Your life will never be yours as long as you let them have it.
We are we waiting? Our minds our stagnating. No reason to exist—why? Another mundane way of business, another form of mock resistance. I know it’s gone on millions of times, with petty clichés, we are ruining our lives. Cheap rebellion holds no power, nor do your fantasies of autonomy. We’ve been embraced by the barcode cult
Lifted, impaled groundward. Now stained with the blood of the Mark. Come on between me and my prey, or I will not slay thee in turn. Beared away beyond darkness, left naked to the Lidless Eye. The winged screamed but made no answer, as if in sudden doubt. Amazement conquered, Théoden fallen; a mind flashed memory of face. No living man – shall hinder me! Slender child of kings, maiden of the Rohirrim. Wing-shape crashed to ruin, it was Éowyn that slayed him.
I don't care what you think I don't care what you say keep you opinions to yourself and we'll both go our own ways what is right what is wrong I don't need you telling me what is right what is wrong what are morals I don't need to feel born again I don't need your shit the objectives of your type to force on others what you believe to be right the other side doesn't count the tensions begin to mount and I don't care
power envisioned striking down the conscience your wants and needs gained by stepping on others realize your position when the time is too late struggle to get up from the hole that you've dug your wrists are bleeding from the knife of falsehood each droplet of blood, a piece of your soul blackened from greed, leaking slowly, until there's nothing left and empty shell, controlled, corrupted by your wants incarnate free thought drained if I could only make you see how ignorant you are, you want to get ahead when every step you take sets you back
Jihad - Gaia 00:41
Toxins eating at my body tearing the fabric of my soul no longer will I stand idle no longer will you be in control forcing my children to flee from their homes fleeing from your blundering might no longer will I forgive your sins I still know how to fight tearing ripping sucking forcing bleeding destroying dying I still know how to fight
And to cap on that would be bad to go nowhere and go fast so elegantly you smile so elegantly you smile so far ahead you think The wonderful irony the road it travels backwards you think your so far ahead when your so far gone to another day to another night a mindset so incomparable to me the addiction to two faces transparent, opaque, in all translucent I see through you I see through you and fake is what you are fake is what you are fake is what you are igniting the fire spreading to life be careful where you step be careful where you step be careful where you step you think you're so far ahead you think you're so far ahead when you are so far gone
you and I shared the vision of a common eye you now I see not so well you and I shared the vision of a common eye and now I see not so well but I remember well romance in the pale ecliptic moonlight let dissonance ring let dissonance ring let dissonance ring let dissonance ring for I've learned to see with my hands and your sharp edges won't cut me again for I've learned to see with my hands and your sharp edges won't cut me again
showing me every way treating the wound of the past I can't deal with life knowing that love will never last the bonds were formed with dependencies prearranged meekness transformed into the madness of lust unchained the initiation of emotion transcending the barriers of my mind all masks are dropped for such a meaningful time you may never know but I want you to hear the pain I felt with the shedding of each tear you may not, choose to listen that really doesn't matter now but the strangulation of our relations and the knowledge of the last touch has left me truly alone
I've been waiting for the tidal wave to come down on us all to put the power in the people's hands and destroy the doubt in the simple man's mind the time for change has to come time to remove the cyst afflicting society no longer will we be your pawn no longer will we play your games no longer will you flush my dreams down your melting pot out with the old school and in with the new out with the old school and in with the new out with the old school and in with the new out with the old school and in with the new life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness doesn't mean anything to me when the almighty greenback runs the country Commode I've been waiting for I've been waiting for I am waiting for I am waiting for out with the old school and in with the new out with the old school and in with the new


First Press (released with Abiology Records) - 1000 copies with reversed labels on folded paper covers (4 copies on green vinyl). Second Press - 500 copies with corrected labels and new 11 x 17 Jihad lyric sheet. Third, Fourth and Fifth Press - 500 copies each with corrected labels and folded paper cover with different label logos on back and missing 'Fuck Off' UPC code.

Council Records No. 4


released October 1, 1994


all rights reserved



Ottawa Dearborn, Michigan

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